For those interested in using my artwork  or 
incorporating it in other forms of art work,
please read the following information.

You may use my images in your work, if my copyright notice and a credit saying
original art by Roger Brown
is included on your work or something similar. 
Should you start selling your work, this permission is no longer valid.

You may not misrepresent my work in any unflattering way. You may not use my work in
anything degrading the work itself or for anything considered pornographic by the general
public. Backgrounds, size or certain parts of an image may be used or changed freely. 
You may not use any of my Portrait work, as this would violate my agreement with the
people who commissioned it.

Please let me know if you upload something on a website so I can see it. Good luck
with your work and should you have any questions please let me know.

Roger Brown                 
mail to - rbartist

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